Honeywell Combustion Safety
USD 30.00

2015 ASME CSD-1 Code Changes Webinar

View our ASME CSD-1 code webinar highlighting new changes in the 2015 edition.This covers requirements for the assembly, installation, maintenance, and operation of controls and safety devices on automatically operated boilers.

USD 30.00

2015 NFPA 54 Code Changes

View our NFPA 54 code webinar highlighting new changes in the 2015 edition. This session covers the safety requirements for the design, operation and installation of fuel gas piping systems, appliances, and equipment.

USD 30.00

2015 NFPA 85 Code Changes

This webinar addresses the changes to the 2015 edition; focusing on draft control equipment, safety interlocks, and other related controls that are essential to safe equipment operation.

USD 30.00

2015 NFPA 86 Code Changes

This webinar addresses the new changes in the 2015 edition. This covers Gas Introduction & Removal for Maintenance, Fuel Over pressure Protection and PLC Use for Safety Logic.

CU101 - Introduction to Combustion Hazard Screening

This is an introductory module designed to provide a quick way for you to identify 10 of the most common combustion and fuel system hazards.

USD 99.00

CU102 - Gas Piping Installation and Repair

This session will cover fuel gas piping systems installation, purging and repair. This course will walk you through the 5 steps of a safe gas piping repair, and illustrate various hazards to avoid.

USD 99.00

CU105 - Combustion Basics (Industrial/Manufacturing)

This combustion basics course is designed for those who operate, maintain, and/or manage people who are responsible for boilers, hot water heaters, ovens/furnaces and other fuel-fired equipment at industrial/manufacturing facilities.

USD 99.00

CU106 - Fuel Train Basics (Industrial/Manufacturing)

This course will explain the basic functions and operations of fuel trains, focusing specifically on industrial/manufacturing facilities. It will cover all major valves and safety interlocks associated with lighting off a piece of fuel-fired equipment.

USD 99.00

CU107 - Boiler Basics (Industrial/Manufacturing)

This session will cover combustion issues related to the safe operation of boiler systems, focusing on industrial/manufacturing plants and facilities. We focus on specific topics that will enhance operations and help attendees prevent equipment damage.

USD 99.00

CU108 - Combustion Hazards (Industrial/Manufacturing)

This session describes various hazards and issues that could lead to fires, explosions, and equipment reliability problems in industrial/manufacturing facilities, and the proper steps to be taken to remedy the situation.

USD 99.00

CU125 - PLC Concepts

Topics covered in this PLC Concepts module include:
1. Electrical Symbology & Ladder Logic Review
2. What is a PLC
3. Memory Organization
4. The PLC Operating System

USD 99.00

CU126 - PLC Operations

Topics covered in this PLC Operation module include:
1. Hardwired vs. Programmed
2. Input / Output Addressing
3. PLC Communications
4. PLC Safety Features

USD 99.00

CU127 - PLC Wiring & Programming

Topics covered in this PLC Wiring and Programming module include:
1. Input / Output Connections
2. Image Tables & The Scan Cycle
3. Programming Basic Relay-Type Instructions
4. Common Functions and Math Instructions

USD 99.00

CU128 - PLC Troubleshooting

Topics covered in this PLC Troubleshooting module include:
1. System Troubleshooting
2. Hardware Troubleshooting
3. Using Software to Troubleshoot

USD 99.00

CU129 - PLC Ladder Diagrams

Topics covered in this PLC Ladder Diagrams module include:
1. Electricity Basics
2. Ladder Logic and Electrical Symbology
3. Electrical Diagram Basics
4. Power Wiring
5. Control Wiring

USD 199.99

CU145 - ASME CSD-1 Evaluation Screening Tool

This module is designed to provide a skilled jurisdictional boiler inspector with additional tools to become more familiar and more consistent in the application of the American society of mechanical engineers boiler safety code called ASME CSD1.

USD 399.00

Suite 1 - Introduction to Combustion Safety (Industrial/Manufacturing)

This suite of modules provides basic information regarding combustion, fuel systems, fuel train piping and controls, boiler systems and hazards related to these systems that you and your people may encounter in an industrial or manufacturing facility.

USD 399.00

Suite 2 - Introduction to Combustion Safety (Industrial/Manufacturing with Thermal Oxidizer)

This package of modules is designed for those that operate, maintain, and/or manage people who are responsible for boilers, process ovens, furnaces, and/or space heat equipment at an industrial or manufacturing facility.

USD 299.00

Suite 3 - Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)

This session is designed specifically for personnel that would like to learn the basic fundamentals of Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). It is meant to provide practical knowledge and skills while working with the most popular styles of PLCs today.

USD 299.00

Suite 4 - CO Risk Abatement

This package of modules provides a great foundation for your people to better understand combustion equipment basics and recognize hazards surrounding fuel-fired equipment.

USD 399.00

Suite 5 - Insurance Risk Management

This Insurance Risk Management suite is designed for those insurance industry professional who want to know more about fuel systems and boiler safety controls to reduce the overall combustion equipment risk for their customers.

USD 70.00

Suite 6 - Code Webinar Series

This course contains all 4 webinar recordings covering the new 2015 changes to the following codes: NFPA 85, NFPA 54, NFPA 86 and ASME CSD-1.

Honeywell Combustion Safety provides expert consulting, training and engineering services for all types of fuel-fired equipment. Our mission is to ensure safety of personnel within their work environment, while increasing efficiency and reliability of fuel-fired equipment. Our online Combustion University training courses are designed for safety professionals, risk managers, maintenance technicians, equipment operators, or any employee involved with combustion related equipment.